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Photographer Helps Businesses Create Immersive Online Experiences

Published Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Tour in Portsmouth offers virtual tours of their space. (Greg West Photography)

The pandemic accelerated many trends and with more customers relying on the internet for purchases, businesses are increasingly adopting 3-D photography to provide a more immersive online experience, whether it is to virtually tour a home in this highly competitive market or to see an item for sale online from various angles.

One of the early adopters of the technology, now reaping the benefits of it, is Greg West of Greg West Photography in Dover. He has been shooting architectural and interior designs for more than 30 years. And when 3-D technology emerged, he purchased the needed equipment.

The number and variety of clients tapping into the technology is growing, he says. Plumbing supply firm FW Webb is able to walk clients through a 3-D tour while on a Zoom call and talk about finishes. There is also a cabinet company that uses it.

Ryan Lent, the owner of Tour in Portsmouth, says his restaurant and indoor golf simulation facility benefits from potential customers being able to explore the space online. “Simply using words to describe the venue doesn’t convey the fun and potential. With the virtual tour…we’re able to invite guests into our space,” he says.

C.M. Ragusa Builders in Seabrook hires West to photograph buildings once they have been framed and the mechanics installed but before the drywall goes up. That way, if there is an issue down the road, they can use the 3-D tour of the inside of the walls to pinpoint the location of the wiring and plumbing that may need repair.

“360-degree photography services have become an integral piece of our custom home building process,” says Pat Rich. “The ‘within-the-walls’ footage allows us to see beneath the plaster and even pull measurements directly from his imagery.”

West is also working with some music venues so patrons can see the real view from any seat.

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