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Top Family-Owned Businesses

August wowo cover with Harrisville Designs

On the cover from left: Pat, John and Nick Colony of Harrisville Designs.

Business NH Magazine is recognizing the top family-owned businesses in NH in the August issue.

Companies will be ranked under general headings by annual gross sales (i.e. $15 Million to $25 million in sales) but we do not print or disclose actual numbers. We will also profile fascinating family-owned companies from the list.

Surveys are due June 25, 2021.


2021 Top Family-Owned Businesses Survey

Annual sales MUST BE REPORTED to be included on the Top Family-Owned Companies list.

Contact Editor Matt Mowry at or by phone at 603-557-9561 with any questions. 

To determine specific rankings, we require three years of financial information. This information is kept confidential and will not be printed. Annual sales MUST BE REPORTED to be included on the list.

Annual gross sales for most recently completed fiscal year and two previous years: