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Business NH Magazine is looking for the best attorneys in NH! We will be recognizing top attorneys in a variety of practice areas in the June 2020 issue. Who are the attorneys you would hire? Who are the attorneys you feel are formidable? Please fill out the nomination form below, letting us know the attorneys in NH that you think are leaders in particular practice areas and why.

While we will accept nominations from within your own firm, we will only count those votes if you nominate attorneys from outside your firm in the same categories. We will only accept nominations from individual attorneys, not clients or groups of attorneys. External nominations do not have to be matched with an internal nomination. External nominations will be given more weight than internal nominations. All nominations will be kept confidential.

Please send us your nominations by March 20, 2020. Nominations can be sent to Please contact Editor Matt Mowry at 603-626-6354 ext. 214 with any questions.

External Bankruptcy Attorney 
Internal Bankruptcy Attorney 
External Corporate Law
Internal Corporate Law
External Criminal Law 
Internal Criminal Law
External Energy, Utilities & Telecom
Internal Energy, Utilities & Telecom
External Family Law
Internal Family Law
External Health Care 
Internal Health Care
External Immigration Law
Internal Immigration Law
External Intellectual Property
Internal Intellectual Property
External International Trade
Internal International Trade
External Labor & Employment
Internal Labor & Employment
External Litigation
Internal Litigation
External Lobbying
Internal Lobbying
External Mediation
Internal Mediation
External Mergers & Acquisitions
Internal Mergers & Acquisitions
External Personal Injury
Internal Personal Injury
External Real Estate Law
Internal Real Estate Law
External Securities Law
Internal Securities Law
External Tax, Trusts & Estates
Internal Tax, Trusts & Estates