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New CEO at Granite State Independent Living

Published Friday Jul 12, 2019

New CEO at Granite State Independent Living

Granite State Independent Living’s (GSIL) board of directors appointed Deborah Ritcey CEO, effective July 22. Her professional career has been solely working for the Medicare and Medicaid populations, most recently serving as the national director of contracting for Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care in Wakefield, Mass. where she was responsible for the fiscal viability of all revenue contracts including Medicaid, managed care, school districts and vendors in eight states.

“Ms. Ritcey has extensive experience in the health care and managed care field with an emphasis on improving outcomes for individuals with disabilities,” says Dr. Eric Schlepphorst, the chair of GSIL’s board. “Ms. Ritcey is very familiar with the principles of consumer direction in personal care programs... These programs and concepts of empowerment for persons with disabilities are at the heart of how GSIL operates.”

Ritcey started her career volunteering with state and national non-profit organizations and has 30 years of board experience helping those with spina bifida. She served as first vice chair for Granite State Independent Living.

Ritcey also has more than 30 years spent advocating for the disability community and also assisted families navigating through the school system to ensure every child had the education they were entitled to. Her son, Matthew, was born with multiple physical and learning disabilities, was a paraplegic.

“I was blessed 31 years ago when my son, Matthew, was born, who changed the direction of my life. Without him, I would likely not be here at Granite State Independent Living today. While Matthew is now an angel, I know he is standing behind me, cheering me on. To be fortunate enough to serve as the next CEO of GSIL is both humbling and beyond exciting. I will be working with so many passionate people whose mission is aligned with mine, help those often forgotten about and provide a voice for those unable to advocate for themselves,” says Ritcey. “GSIL has grown tremendously under Clyde Terry, outgoing CEO, and I look forward to keeping the momentum going, reaching even more consumers and identifying new opportunities we can offer our constituents.”

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