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Report: Economic Effect of NH Nonprofits

Published Thursday Aug 8, 2019

Report: Economic Effect of NH Nonprofits

The NH Center for Nonprofits in Concord released data on the state’s nonprofit sector. The report, entitled New Hampshire’s Nonprofit Sector in Brief, focuses on the state’s 6,547 charitable nonprofits and shows that they are a powerful force in the state’s economy, generating $11 billion in yearly revenue and employing 15 percent of New Hampshire’s workforce.

“Nonprofits are integral to every facet of economic and social well-being in our state,” said Kathleen Reardon, CEO of the NH Center for Nonprofits. “This report aims to deepen understanding of the scope and impact of the nonprofit sector as we work in partnership with business and government to sustain our state’s quality of life.”   

The report highlights the diversity of the sector, with organizations that range in size, mission, and funding models. The majority of the states nonprofits are small with 71 percent having less than $50,000 in revenue and achieving results by leveraging volunteers. Collectively, the nonprofit sector addresses an array of missions including human services, education, arts and culture, the environment and more.  

The report also highlights the value of volunteerism. More than 329,000 Granite Staters volunteer each year, providing services that have an estimated value of $960 million. “It’s clear that the nonprofit sector in our state is built from the ground up,” said Reardon. “We must continue to encourage strong leadership through board service and volunteerism, support sustainable funding and charitable giving, and generate the voices needed for effective advocacy.”

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