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New Apps Solve Streaming TV’s Biggest Headache

Published Friday Jul 17, 2020

New Apps Solve Streaming TV’s Biggest Headache

Two new underdog apps have solved streaming TV’s biggest headache. By providing a unified guide to all your streaming services, Reelgood and JustWatch have racked up more than 25 million active users in total.

In this article by Jared Newman, of Fast Comapny, he writes that in the age of streaming video, watching TV has become an overwhelming task.

There are so many streaming services already, from mainstays such as Netflix and Amazon Prime to newcomers like Disney+ and HBO Max. Even more are on the way, including NBC’s Peacock later this week, and an expanded, rebranded version of CBS All Access in 2021. Our Roku players, Fire TV Sticks, and smart TVs are ill-equipped to deal with all these options, requiring us to jump in and out of way too many apps just to see what’s on. Read the full story at

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