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Design Pool: Design for an On-Demand World

Published Friday Aug 30, 2019

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Design Pool: Design for an On-Demand World

An East Hampstead-based interior designer is positioning herself to become the go-to for  multi-use patterns.

Kristen Dettoni, a veteran residential and commercial designer, launched Design Pool in April to provide an online catalogue of seamless fabric and wallpaper patterns. What sets Design Pool apart is how products can be printed and customized, on demand.

Design Pool offers hundreds of licensing, proprietary and design partnerships on patterns for multiple uses, including upholstery, screens, wallpaper, bedding, mugs, tabletops and rugs. Dettoni says the company has established partnerships with businesses, such as Enviroleather, KwickScreen, Gelpro and Interior Ink, which gives their customers access to her designs. Her prime customers are interior designers in residential, hospitality and health care.

Dettoni has 27 years of experience, having spent the bulk of her career designing for the textile and automotive industries.
“It’s weird to have two art degrees and be in a boardroom with GM executives. I did that for four years,” she says. “I loved the restrictions. I had to figure out how to push the limits of the equipment to produce the coolest products.”

But as she watched the textile industry struggle to offer cheaper products and colleagues lose their jobs, Dettoni knew she needed to control her own destiny. She started a consulting business five years ago and because she had a catalogue of designs, she saw an opportunity.

“My idea was, as customization grows, I see a need for an online library and to be a design resource for custom color and design,” Dettoni says.

Design Pool has a library of 150 designs all vector based and scalable.

Dettoni says she keeps a pulse on design trends and introduces new designs monthly based on marketplace changes and demands.

“I love what I do. I see it as building my vision,” she says of her new venture.

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