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Upstart Startups: Boho Pop-Up Picnic

Published Friday Jan 14, 2022

Author Judi Currie

Upstart Startups: Boho Pop-Up Picnic

Boho Pop-Up Picnic in Bedford delivers luxury and style to clients wherever they want. After seeing the upscale picnic trend sweep across social media, Tanya Tobin was inspired.

“This started on the West Coast, and I was following some companies that I really liked,” says Tobin, owner and operator. “It is a fun, elevated experience that has proven to be very popular right now.”

Tobin has set up picnics for romantic surprises, baby announcements, gender reveals, marriage proposals and more. The package includes setting up a picnic and cleaning up at the end of the event. “I am creating the scene,” says Tobin.

She works with caterers but also encourages clients to use a favorite local caterer. “I do provide for each person a mini charcuterie box, from companies such as 603 Charcuterie in Derry and Berkshire Boards in Manchester,” says Tobin.

Tobin launched her business in July and has been experiencing a “heavy response in a good way,” she says, with a couple of inquiries per day. Clients are looking to make up for lost time and missed celebrations, says Tobin. “They say, ‘I didn’t get to enjoy a honeymoon; I didn’t get to celebrate my first anniversary and I really would like to do something special.’”

An expectant mother was especially grateful to host an outdoor baby shower in a way that was safe and special, she says.

With New England weather in mind, Boho Pop-Up Picnic ( also stages indoor experiences, such as a child’s birthday party with a Picnic-To-Go wagon set, Teepee Parties, Popcorn & Movie Night and bubble tents for cooler temps.

“I went into this because I love events, I love holidays, I love decorating, everything that ties into this whole business, and I love meeting new people,” she says. She’s also a real estate agent but adds this  could become full time.

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