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Upstart Startups: Big Network’s Big Idea

Published Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

Author Judi Currie

Upstart Startups: Big Network’s Big Idea

The team at Big Network mirrors the concept of a distributed network. Headquartered in Nashua, these internet industry veterans are in California, New York and Slovakia, and their respective resumes boast time at Dyn, Fastly, ARMI and Global Rescue.

Big Network creates and runs private cloud networks to securely and simply connect public and private clouds to on-premise infrastructure, devices and people anywhere. “We have always been in the business of connecting people,” says Tom Daly, president and CEO. “With cloud coming into play, the way you make connections is complicated. We make it simple.” Essentially, Big Network developed a decentralized platform to allow customers to build those networks.

Daly says the pandemic, like so many things, reshaped networks. “In a matter of days, the way we built networks had to change,” Daly says. “The pandemic taught us that constraints breed creativity. But one of the places the market really ignored was the connectivity for the built environment: grocery stores, pharmacies, stadiums, security and points of sale. 

“These networks are really hard because of the internet providers and the entrenched mindset. We started building technology to solve these problems to help brands connect their cloud to anywhere, using a suite of software that we developed,” Daly says.

The biggest challenge as a startup, he says, is getting people to trust you. “Networking is core to everyone’s business; it has to work no matter what. You have to figure out how to be trusted by early customers, partners and agents with what you are bringing to market.” 

“Our technology works because it runs on top of other networks,” says Daly. “We are giving you your own private slice of the internet and have a unique way of stitching together [decentralized tech] that helps reduce risk.”

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