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Student Artwork Showcased In Augmented Reality

Published Friday Sep 16, 2022

Student Artwork Showcased In Augmented Reality

The New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts (NHBCA) and the Institute of Art & Design at New England College (IAD-NEC) in Manchester are collaborating on an augmented reality exhibition in the NHBCA’s App AR+ art. As part of a grant provided by TD Charitable Foundation, the project will highlight the school’s art programs and students’ original artwork.

The exhibition, titled New Frontiers in Art, is ecpected to showcase the intrinsic value of the arts in communicating basic human experiences and innovative ideas. The artwork also speaks to how the world is changing, socially, environmentally, geopolitically, and technologically.

In the exhibition, the NHBCA’s App developers create 3D digital models of original artworks created by IAD-NEC students, alumni and faculty then render them in augmented reality. The production comes together in the NHBCA AR+ art App which allows people of all ages and backgrounds to interact with the art on mobile devices.

NHBCA staff and IAD-NEC student volunteers will be on hand at the Manchester Citywide Arts Festival on September 17 and 18 to demonstrate the technology. In addition, the project will be shared during the NEC Alumni & Parents Weekend later in the month. Users of the free NHBCA AR+ art App may engage in an exploration of art while supporting emerging artists.

The partners stated in a press release that with augmented reality there are no physical constraints or restrictions of space, security, or installation logistics. That makes it possible to gain exposure for creative endeavors. NHBCA executive director Tricia Soule describes the exhibit it as a “living portfolio.”

Eleven students’ work will be featured. Soule said, “The opportunity for the artists to share their artwork with potential employers and/or graduate degree programs in such a dynamic and interactive fashion will help to set them apart from the competition.” While it is always advantageous to demonstrate the App in person, the technology makes it possible for those interested in seeing the artwork at their convenience, in any location where there is Wi-Fi, using an iOS and select Android devices.  

The AR exhibition challenges people to look closely and appreciate the art for a variety of reasons, including the underlying message, aesthetic and technique. Soule says that the shared experiences through augmented reality provide new career artists the exposure required to further support their creative practices and abilities to earn a living from their craft. In a time when there are fewer and fewer opportunities to display art in a physical gallery, the NHBCA’s art App provides an exciting alternative that eliminates the challenges of finding and exhibiting in a traditional setting. The NHBCA is eager to assist the participating artists in establishing and growing their careers.

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