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NH Gives Shatters Previous Fundraising Records

Published Thursday Jun 11, 2020

NH Gives Shatters Previous Fundraising Records

NH Gives, a 24-hour giving event created by the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits, broke all its previous records in the last 24 hours, raising more in 2020 than it had in the last four years combined. A total of $3,256,784 was raised in 24 hours — including $1 million in the first eight minutes of the event.

“This unbelievable outpouring of support from every corner of New Hampshire just shows what’s possible when we come together,” says Kathleen Reardon, CEO of the NH Center for Nonprofits. “Even though NH Gives is only 24 hours, these donations will have a lasting impact on our communities and the nonprofits that work so hard to make our lives better.”

Almost 500 nonprofits from all over the state participated in the event, and a record-breaking 13,428 people signed on to to give between 6 p.m. on Tuesday and 6 p.m. on Wednesday. Prior to this week’s event, NH Gives had raised a total of $1.5 million since its inception in 2016.

“I looked at the totals in the first 10 minutes of the event and I actually shouted with joy,” said Dick Ober, president and CEO of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, which has been the lead sponsor of NH Gives since 2016. “This continues to be a really, really challenging time for nonprofits, who are having to adapt and work under extremely challenging conditions to continue to deliver on their critical missions. And the people of New Hampshire were saying: ‘We get it! Thank you for what you do! We are here for you.’”

Matching funds helped to spur donations: A $250,000 match, made possible by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and its Thomas W. Haas Fund and John F. Swope Fund, meant that every gift of up to $1,000 was matched 1:1 for the first $250,000 given. The Foundation’s Bio X Cell Fund provided an additional $10,000 match for participating Upper Valley nonprofits. An additional $245,982 in matching funds from generous donors to individual organizations brought in additional donations to boost fundraising totals.

A record-high 488 nonprofits participated in NH Gives this year.

Friends in Action, a Durham nonprofit that helps people with disabilities create meaningful relationships and lasting connections, raised $108,398 during the 24-hour event. This was the first time the organization had participated in NH Gives.

“I am on Cloud Nine today,” says Executive Director Heidi Chase on Wednesday. The organization had had to cancel fundraisers and move all of its programming online because of the ongoing public-health crisis. After its successful NH Gives campaign, Chase, says, “I’m feeling like we’re going to make it through this COVID-19 crisis and come out strong on the other end.” is an easy-to-use platform where people can find causes they care about, donate securely, and become fundraising champions. Participating nonprofits also receive training and marketing support in the months leading up to the event.

There is still time to boost the 2020 totals and continue the momentum for New Hampshire nonprofits and communities: Although the 24-hour prize period has ended, will remain open for donations until midnight on June 12.                                       

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