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NH DHHS: Erroneous Lead Letters a Processing Error

Published Thursday Sep 19, 2019

NH DHHS: Erroneous Lead Letters a Processing Error

The NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division for Public Health Services (DPHS) is trying to reassure parents who recieved letters showing elevated blood lead levels.

According to a statment, the letter reads as follows: The Department of Health and Human Services is required to notify parents when their child has their blood tested for lead and the test result shows a blood lead level of 3 micrograms per deciliter or higher. The DHHS Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program sends these letters to parents, and recently discovered that approximately 300 families received such notification as a result of a processing error.

Families who received this letter in error should know that corrected letters are being mailed now, notifying them that their child’s blood lead level test result showed no exposure to lead above the 3 micrograms per deciliter.

We understand that receiving this letter may have been confusing and upsetting and we truly apologize for any concern this may have caused. We are working diligently to make sure that no additional letters are sent to parents in error. We urge parents with questions or concerns to contact the DPHS Healthy Homes; Lead Poisoning Prevention Program toll-free at 1-800-LEAD (5323) or visit and enter HHLPPP in the search box to access further information on lead poisoning.

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