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NH Dept. of Revenue Changing Data System

Published Monday Nov 5, 2018

NH Dept. of Revenue Changing Data System

NH Dept. of Revenue Administration (DRA) has entered a contract with Fast Enterprises to modernize all aspects of the tax collection and payment process by establishing a new Revenue Information Management System (RIMS). According to a statement, RIMS will house and consolidate taxpayer data for an all-inclusive view of information and processes online.

RIMS will replace DRA’s current system, which was implemented nearly 30 years ago, is outdated and has limited functionality. Implementation will be in three phases by tax types over the course of approximately three years, starting with meals and rentals tax.

“RIMS is a tangible example of DRA’s continued focus on improving customer service, communication and technology to deliver on our mission of fairly and efficiently administering New Hampshire’s tax laws,” says Commissioner Lindsey Stepp. “Beyond upgrading the capabilities of our infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology, RIMS allows us to more efficiently serve and interact with our customers. We have been preparing for this complete backend launch for a number of years, and we are confident the right team is in place with Fast Enterprises.”   

RIMS will provide taxpayers, practitioners and all DRA customers the ability to file taxes electronically, schedule automated online payments, request and review documentation, check on the status of payments, claims and more. RIMS is specifically designed to support government sector tax administration agencies, and its software is utilized in more than 50-percent of U.S. states along with local and foreign government agencies.

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