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Can Crying Signal a Healthy Workplace?

Published Friday Sep 27, 2019

Can Crying Signal a Healthy Workplace?

Occasionally crying at work is normal—and can sometimes indicate an honest work culture. But there are some best practices to follow when dealing with a coworker’s tears, and risks to a culture that shuns crying, according to a story by Lizzy Hill, for Fast Company.

About eight in 10 people have shed tears at the office, according to a recent survey of just over 3,000 people from

  • 19% of criers sobbed over personal issues,
  • 45% blamed tears on bosses and coworkers,
  • 16% blamed their workloads, and
  • 13% cited workplace bullying.


Why is crying at work often frowned upon? Perhaps it is the “tyranny of positivity” in today’s workplaces. Read the story at

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