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Best Companies to Work for: 23. Polyonics

Published Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Best Companies to Work for: 23. Polyonics

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures: I know what my organization is trying to achieve strategically: 92% agree

I can keep a reasonable balance between work and personal life: 88% agree

President & CEO: Jim Clemente

Years in Business: 28

Full-time Employees: 33

Years on List: 3

Employees are literal owners of this manufacturing firm, becoming fully vested in the Employee Stock Ownership Program after five years with the company. And the company finds a variety of ways for employees to share in Polyonics’ success and come together as a team. The employee incentive plan pays a bonus to employees when the company reaches 90% of its sales target and even when a pandemic played havoc with those targets, the board of directors decided to give employees a $1,500 bonus in 2022.

Employees come together on Thursdays, which is the end of the workweek for many of them, for a free breakfast provided by a different department each week, which varies from a spread of bagels, muffins and pastries, breakfast sandwiches from a local bakery to the R & D department providing a home-cooked breakfast prepared onsite.

From May through September, Polyonics hosts a monthly employee cookout to give departments an opportunity to get to know one another better or discuss projects outside of a meeting room. And when remote employees come to the corporate headquarters, Polyonics hosts a BBQ or luncheon to bring everyone together.

The production team works a four-day, 10-hour work schedule that provides them with a three-day weekend. Other employees can customize their hours.

Polyonics is family focused. Its parental leave policy includes paid time-off for parents adopting a child. The company encourages employees to bring their families to events, including an annual picnic at a local lake with games, lots of food and music. It is little wonder Polyonics had no turnover in 2022. 

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