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Best Companies to Work for: 1. XMA Corporation

Published Monday Sep 18, 2023

Best Companies to Work for: 1. XMA Corporation

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:  My manager really cares about me as a person: 97% agree

I can keep a reasonable balance between work and personal life: 94% agree

President & CEO: Marc Smith

General Manager: Peter Richard

Years in Business: 20 

Full-time Employees: 48

Years on List: 1

New employees at XMA Corporation undergo “No Jerks At Work” training, which includes discussions about workplace bullying, inclusion and biases as well as the underlying tenants of XMA’s culture: inclusion, respect and tolerance.

In 2022 XMA earned the state designation as a Recovery Friendly Workplace, which provides training on substance use disorder, available community resources and empowers workplaces to provide support for employees in recovery.

XMA Corporation gets high marks from employees when it comes to striking a work-life balance. XMA offers a paid time-off package that ranges from 14 to 30 days off annually, along with seven sick days. Employees can choose to take off a day that falls in the week of their birthday as well. XMA Corporation instituted a 9/80 workweek so employees who work 80 hours over nine days have a three-day weekend every other week. XMA also offers flexible start times, remote working arrangements and pays to have workstations set up in employees’ homes.

Bonuses at XMA range from 3% to 11% of annual base salaries for all employees. And XMA is a company that likes to celebrate. At Halloween, the company hosts a costume and pumpkin decorating contest; it provides Thanksgiving meals to go for all employees and their families with all the fixings; in December, it celebrates the 12 days of XMAs with a gift to all team members; and for the Lunar New Year, XMA decorates its facility with that year’s animal and hosts a luncheon.

XMA also offers $3,000 tuition reimbursement, discounted pet insurance and student debt repayment, and last year started a women's leadership development program. 

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