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Bellavance Unveils Largest Rooftop Solar Array in NH

Published Tuesday Nov 3, 2020

rooftop solar array

Londonderry beer distributor, Bellavance Beverage Co., will soon be powered by more than 3,000 solar panels, offsetting more than 100% of the company’s annual electricity needs while cutting costs and carbon pollution.

Bellavance Beverage Co. and friends toasted the new 1.16 MW solar installation with a socially-distanced “Solar Oktoberfest” celebration with traditional German fare and tours of its 115,000-square-foot-solar roof overlooking Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

The 1,158-kilowatt DC solar array (800-kilowatt AC) is being installed by ReVision Energy in Brentwood, and is projected to generate 1,321,541 kWh of clean electricity annually – enough to offset 1.4 million pounds of CO2 emissions or brew 77,000 barrels of German beer every year.

“It fit with our commitment to reducing the footprint we leave behind for future generations,” says President Joe Bellavance IV. “We spend a lot time preparing our kids for the future but often overlook the environment we are leaving them. The products we sell are largely agricultural – hops, barley – and depend on reliable water sources. We need the planet to be able to support those things for a long, long time.” 


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