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After 20 Years, CGI Business Solutions Continues to Grow

Published Thursday Aug 9, 2018

Author Matt Mowry

After 20 Years, CGI Business Solutions Continues to Grow

During the past 20 years, CGI Business Solutions in Hooksett has grown to be among the largest benefits agencies in NH with 75 employees serving more than 700 companies through offices in NH, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Florida.

Dan Cronin, company founder and president, says the firm has grown sales 600 percent since he acquired the full company from his former business partner in 2006. Among its clients are Brady Sullivan, the Business and Industry Association, the Moore Center, NH Catholic Charities, and St. Anselm College.

Cronin attributes CGI’s success to his staff’s commitment to customer service and to growing the products and services to become a one-stop shop for employee benefits.

CGI offers a spectrum of services to include: health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts as well as medical, dental, disability and Employee Assistance Programs. It also offers property casualty coverage, wealth management services, 401(k) plans and services, online benefits enrollment programs, wellness consulting, and most recently launched CGI Payroll.

Cronin says what differentiates CGI is the firm doesn’t just offer employee benefits programs but also benefits administration services. “We don’t want to farm anything out,” Cronin says. “We’re constantly reinvesting into new services and people. We compete in service and the headaches we can alleviate in administering benefits.”

Cronin expects to have a staff of 80 by year end. CGI owns its building in Hooksett, and Cronin says he plans to either buy or build another building in a year or two to accommodate the firm’s growth.

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