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#4 Best Company to Work For in NH

Published Thursday Nov 12, 2020

Author Matthew J. Mowry

The winners of the Best Companies to Work For competition are a testament that no matter what is going on in the economy or the world, a strong culture is foundational to surviving tough times. Taking care of your employees in good times means they will have your back when a crisis occurs.

#4 Wire Belt Company of America

Manufacturer of open mesh, stainless steel conveyor belts

CEO: David Greer
Years in Business: 72 (30 in NH)
Full-Time Employees: 104 (99 in NH)
Part-time/Temporary or Seasonal Employees: 10-25
Years on List: 10 (4 in Hall of Fame)
Address: 154 Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH 03053

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:
I can keep a reasonable balance between work and personal life: 98% agree
I have the freedom to make the necessary decisions to do my work properly: 94% agree

Wire Belt Company of America isn’t just a family-owned business—it extends the definition of family to its employees. CEO David Greer has made it his mission to make Wire Belt an employer of choice.

David Maestri, vice president of people operations, is proud of their diversity, including many immigrants, some refugees who left family behind. “When they joined Wire Belt, they discovered that they not only found employment but also a family.

Therefore, we embrace our greatest value, which is family. Although, there are seven different languages [spoken] on our production floor, everyone understands and respects each other. We believe this is due to the love of family, which only speaks one language,” he says.

At company rallies, there are programs to bring this tight knit group even closer together. One is Hey, Did You Know? where employees share major milestones; in Thank You Moment, the company recognizes employees, and employees can express gratitude toward each other.

Wire Belt has a robust roster of perks, including profit-sharing, Christmas bonuses equal to one week’s pay ,an onsite vegetable garden for employees, 100% for tuition reimbursement, eight hours of paid community service, four hours of paid leave annually for cancer screenings, reimbursing employees $150 annually for wellness costs (as well $150 per dependent) and a nine-day/80-hour work schedule so workers get a three-day weekend every two weeks.

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