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XMReality Launches Remote Guidance Customer Service

Published Wednesday Nov 20, 2019

XMReality woman at computer XMReality, headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with an office in Portsmouth, has launched remote guidance customer service. Using XMReality Business, a support technician can remotely guide consumers via any mobile device to help them diagnose and resolve problems using gestures, speech, chat and pointers.

Support staff can send links that allow users to quickly connect to any other person for visual help and instructions, no app required. Its remote guidance capabilities include a unique hands-overlay technology that let staff guide someone remotely with their hands—as if they were there.

For example, an appliance repair center could provide a link to a customer having washing machine issues so that the repair person could identify the issue remotely and bring the exact parts required, saving time and an extra trip.

“The web client will be perfect for our customers” says Martin Forsberg, Global Support at Arcam, a GE Additive company that uses XMReality’s service to provide support to its customers. “You can set up a remote call without them having to install anything.”

“Our remote guidance tool not only increases satisfaction towards companies that deploy our system it also saves them time and money,” says Cory Nadilo, president, XMReality, Inc. “By offering XMReality Business online and establishing a US office, we are opening up new opportunities to reach more companies of various sizes. With this new offering we strengthen our position as an international leader in remote guidance.”




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