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Wire Belt Company: A 2019 Best Company to Work For

Published Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

Perks are great, but it’s culture that keeps employees. No one knows that better than the organizations on the 2019 list of the Best Companies to Work For in NH. Firms had to complete an extensive employer application detailing not only their benefits, but the policies and programs they have in place geared to creating a great workplace for employees. Here is a profile of one of this year's winning companies:

Manufactures open-mesh, stainless steel conveyor belts primarily used in the food processing industry

President and CEO: David Greer
Years in Business: 71 (29 in NH)
Full-Time Employees: 99 (94 in NH)
Part-Time/Temporary/Seasonal Employees: 3
Years on List: 9 (plus 4 in Hall of Fame)
Address: 154 Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH 03053

Top Employee-Engagement Survey Measures:
My firm provides opportunities to socialize and celebrate special events: 96% agree
I can keep a reasonable balance between work and personal life: 94% agree 

Wire Belt Company of America is a family-owned business that factors employees in its notion of family. During monthly rallies, the company has a “Hey, Did You Know?” moment where employees are encouraged to pass along good news about fellow employees, such as those attaining U.S. citizenship, wedding anniversaries, births and other personal achievements.

Rallies also include an open forum called the “Thank You Moment,” when employees thank each other for being there when they were needed.

Fun is also a big part of Wire Belt culture and a core value. The company holds a festive event for employees each month, such as a barbecue and office-to-office trick or treating at Halloween. Wire Belt also has an annual employee management challenge that has included obstacle courses, office Olympics and a tug-of-war over a mud pit. The event also raises funds that are donated to the winning team’s charity of choice.

The manufacturer gives a bonus in December equal to a week’s pay and offers a profit-sharing plan and eight hours of paid volunteer time. Wire Belt’s paid-time off package starts at four weeks, as well as four hours off annually for cancer screenings. And they reimburse 100% of tuition.

The company allows employees to work 80 hours over nine days, giving them three-day weekends every other week. And, as many employees live in apartments, the company gives an onsite garden plot to employees for gardening.

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