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Why Do People Like Made in NH Expo?

Published Thursday Mar 14, 2019

We asked our followers on Facebook why they like the Made in NH "Try It and Buy It" Expo. Here's what they said!

"My favorite thing about the Made in NH Expo is EVERYTHING!! Seriously what is not to like… I like buying local, I meet great people and I get some really great products." - Linda D.
"It's the artistic imagination and skill of all our neighbors. We enjoy speaking to them about the love and passion for what they do. They give me inspiration to create something for myself." - Martha L.
"Birthday shopping for my best friend, supporting local business, and fudge from The Mill Fudge Factory." - Sherry L.
"The atmosphere of information shared between owner/operator/customer of fresh products and ideas." - Ron M.
"If I had to choose one favorite thing, [it] would be the WMUR News 9 booth, because I enjoy meeting the on-air talent." - Riley K.
"Trying all the amazing products from NH and purchasing tasty treats. Love attending this event." - Shannon P.
"The wine and cider tasting!" - Yvonne M.
"Meeting vendors and learning about WHY they make what they do and the passion behind their craft." - Brooke S.
"The opportunity to meet incredibly smart and creative artists, chefs and entrepreneurs from around the state. New Hampshire offers so much diversity in products, talent and education and this expo is a tremendous platform to showcase just that. I attend every year to celebrate the charms of our state and purchase gifts for family and friends around the world. This showcase truly makes me proud to be a NH resident!" - Louise S.
"Seeing all the wonderful products and services made and offered right here - in our home State of NH. We always attend and go home with tons of new goodies (and some old favorites)!" - Kyle C."
"Celebrating my birthday while exploring all of the amazing vendors and sampling the great foods!" - Kyrie S.
"Hugging the Coke machine." - Shannon G.
"I love Made in NH Expo because I want to support my state businesses." - Clenna E.
"Trying new and exciting local products. This Expo introduced me to the Little Acres Three Pepper Ketchup. I think I have purchased over 25 bottles of that product in the last couple of years. I love it!" - Hope F.
"Meeting the local people behind each product, and the try-before-you-buy mentality." - Katrina H.
"Free samples and trying new products all in one spot. I also like spending a fun day exploring all that NH has to offer from food to products to entertainment!" - Laurie F.
"My favorite thing about the Made in NH Expo is supporting local families pursuing their passions." - Jessie B.
"One of my closest friends and I go each year to sample, check out the wares, buy our favorite hand lotion [and] popcorn, and joke around with the vendors. We have so many good laughs and lots of great memories going each year." - Darlene S.
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