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Timberland Campaign Celebrates Skilled Trades

Published Wednesday Aug 3, 2022

Timberland Campaign Celebrates Skilled Trades

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 88% of contractors are experiencing difficulty finding skilled workers. And, as workers continue to age out of the skilled trades, fewer people are entering the trades. In fact, new data shows that 40% of the 12 million people in the skilled trades are over age 45 (with nearly half of those workers over the age of 55), and less than 9% of workers aged 19-24 are entering the trades.

To help raise awareness of this gap and with the intent to attract and inspire the next generation of skilled workers, Timberland PRO, a global outdoor and work gear company based in Stratham, is launching a campaign that celebrates those who follow their passion and find purpose in the skilled trades.

Named “Your Calling Is Calling,” the campaign offers stories of men and women who have reimagined their life’s journeys to include careers in the trades. The intent is to shine a light on the bold spirit and determination at the heart of the trade community.

“As a brand that directly serves the industrial footwear and workwear markets, we understand the value of the skilled trades, and how important it is to build the next generation of skilled workers,” said Rebecca Conway, director of brand marketing for Timberland. “This campaign serves as a powerful tribute to the hard-working men and women who find freedom and fulfilment in skilled trade professions, and seeks to inspire others to be bold enough to follow that path."

This campaign is the latest manifestation of Timberland's commitment to changing the perception of skilled trades and creating the next generation of trades workers. In 2019, the brand joined Generation T, a national movement powered by Lowe’s and supported by more than 70 brands and organizational partners that was focused on developing the next generation of skilled trades experts.

Timberland also supports Bring Back the Trades, a nonprofit that provides scholarships for trade school students. And to help inspire more women to enter the trades, Timberland PRO partners with organizations like Girls at Work and Tools & Tiaras, which are two nonprofits committed to breaking down gender barriers and empowering young women to embrace new traditions.

Pictured: New Timberland PRO campaign shines a light on the spirit and determination at the heart of the skilled trade community. (Photo: Business Wire)

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