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Tech Firm Finds Success Tucked Away in Sunapee Region

Published Thursday Mar 30, 2023

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Michael Deyett, founder and CEO. (Courtesy of ReportingMD)

The financial and operational challenges of the health care sector have only become more complicated over the years, but a NH tech firm continues to gain traction by providing the analytics providers need to improve patient outcomes, find efficiencies and earn quality performance bonuses.

For 18 years, ReportingMD has provided a patient population health and analytics platform to clients that range from independent practices to regional medical centers and academic health systems across the country. Founder and CEO Michael Deyett says ReportingMD strives to help health care providers “uncover the right insight, for the right patient, at the right time.”

And it does so not from the tech hubs of Manchester, Nashua, Hanover or the Seacoast. No, this firm is tucked away in the Sunapee region in a building in Georges Mills that once housed a pediatrician’s office.

Prior to developing ReportingMD, Deyett, a NH native who graduated from the University of NH, worked for health care, insurance and software companies.

In between all that, he pursued his passion for sailing and being part of the U.S. Sailing team. “To be in business, you have  to be a dreamer too,” he says.

When insurers started to pay providers based on outcomes in the mid-2000s, Deyett knew they would need the data and technology to support it and shifted his consulting work to building out the software that is the basis for ReportingMD.

The company, which launched nearly 20 years ago, now has clinical and claims data for more than 10 million lives and has “tens of thousands of providers” using its platform, Deyett says. “We put money back in physicians’ pockets for providing great outcomes,” he says.

In October, ReportingMD announced the availability of HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category) risk scores on its Total Outcomes Management (TOM) platform, which provides users with insights into the severity of illness for their patients.

Deyett expects the company will continue to grow its client base. “We believe we are the centerpiece to identifying patients that have care gaps that need to be closed and shifting those patients to the care centers they need,” he says.

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