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Tales From the Home Office

Published Tuesday Mar 23, 2021

Editor’s Note: Business NH Magazine wants to share your funny stories of working from home. Printed entries will receive a $10 Dunkin’ gift card. Stories will be kept anonymous. Send your story to mmowry@BusinessNHMagazine with subject line “Tales From the Home Office” and your contact information. If you’ve got a photo, send that along, too.

There are plenty of stories of kids crashing Zoom meetings, but now farm animals are getting in on the action. One worker named David says, “Working from home and preparing for an early morning Zoom meeting with board members can be stressful to say the least.” After kicking off with introductions and reviewing minutes from the previous meeting, the Zoom meeting was interrupted by all six of his roosters crowing beneath his window. “Such are the trials and tribulations of working from the home office in New Hampshire!” he adds.

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