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Sylvania Expands Product Line

Published Thursday Apr 8, 2021

Author Judi Currie

The Sylvania Roadsight dash camera, left, and tire inflator, right. Courtesy photos.

After decades of producing automotive lighting, Sylvania, which is headquartered in Massachusetts and has a large plant in Hillsborough, has expanded its product line into new aftermarket devices including Sylvania Roadsight dash cameras, tire inflators and LED off-road lighting fixtures.

The new products will be manufactured at a variety of locations, but the marketing, design, supply chain and sales force is managed in Hillsborough, which has 500 employees and also produces more than 300,000 products for the U.S. and Canadian markets, says Greg Bibbo, director of sales and marketing retail North America Osram Sylvania.

The Sylvania Roadsight dash camera offers lane departure assist and blind spot detection as well as recording capabilities.

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