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Seacoast Business Machines Adds Scanner Line

Published Wednesday Mar 24, 2021

Author Judi Currie

A GoSafe temperature scanner. Courtesy photo.

Family-owned since 1984, Seacoast Business Machines (SBM) in Barrington is expanding beyond copiers and printers into a new product line as a provider of GoSafe, an AI-based temperature scanner and entryway management device.

“This is a whole new product line for us,” says James Driscoll, SBM general manager. “We did a lot of research and met with the vendor many times before pulling the trigger.” GoSafe is made by OneScreen in San Diego.

The scanner can be on a stand, a table or wall mounted and syncs with an existing building entry system. If someone doesn’t meet the protocol for entering, be it body temperature, mask-requirements or facial recognition, then the doors won’t open.

The system can also be set to alert security staff to intervene, and it can be taken over by the administrator to speak to the individual outside the building. OneScreen can also incorporate standard questions about travel and exposure factors that someone can be required to answer before entering.

“We understand not everyone wants to wear a mask, but that’s why these scanners are so important. You are putting your employees at risk when they confront someone not wearing a mask, who may be combative already,” says Driscoll. “GoSafe removes the human element. It really helps you mitigate that first angry contact; since everything can be done remotely, you don’t have to let the person in the building.”

Driscoll says SBM tested the first system in its own office and has been working with multiple customers, conducting demonstrations (live and virtual) and delivering more than a dozen of these systems. He adds the systems will be desirable beyond the pandemic.

“This is going to be the new norm, with flu season, with COVID-19, even with a vaccine that’s 95% effective, the other 5% can infect your office, and as we know, viruses evolve so these devices will become commonplace,” he says. “For our brick and mortar customers having GoSafe helps keep them open.”

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