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Podcast of the Month: Spectacular Failures

Published Wednesday Mar 4, 2020

Author Heidi Copeland

Podcast of the Month: Spectacular Failures

If your commute is getting you down, here’s a way to liven your ride. Download Spectacular Failures, a podcast that highlights corporate corruption, family feuding and the demise of some of America’s most iconic companies.

For business stories with a side of scandal, check out Spectacular Failures, produced by American Public Media and the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. The podcast highlights corporate corruption, family feuds, and the demise of some of America's most iconic companies. 

The podcast proves entertaining and informative, by providing a chance to learn from someone else's epic fails.

Host Lauren Ober adds humor along the way, making her a great companion as you learn about bankruptcy, leveraged buyouts, and fraud, lots of fraud; all explained in a way to keep the listener engaged. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts.


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