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Plymouth Village Awarded $5.55 Million

Published Thursday Sep 6, 2018

Plymouth Water and Sewer

Plymouth Village Water & Sewer District and USDA-Rural Development sign funding obligation package.  (L to R):  Mark Koprowski, NH Community Program Specialist, USDA-Rural Development; Merelise O’Connor, district administrator and Christopher Woods, Board Chairman, Plymouth Village Water & Sewer District.

The Plymouth Village Water and Sewer District (District) was recently awarded major funding for eight water and sewer infrastructure improvement projects by the USDA Rural Development Water & Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program. 

The award totals $3.45 million in grant funding for sewer improvements and $2.10 million for water improvements and will significantly subsidize engineering and construction costs of the upgrade projects, minimizing the financial impact to user rates.

For over a four-year period the District has been working with Wright-Pierce, an engineering firm with offices in Manchester and Portsmouth, to evaluate the infrastructure, some of which dates back to the early 1900s and has exceeded its useful life. Plymouth has undergone significant and sustained growth since the installation of the original infrastructure and upsizing is necessary to meet current and future needs.

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