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Number Crunch

Published Monday Oct 12, 2020

The state’s rank for the most racial equality using eight key metrics, including annual income, unemployment and homeownership rates. Source: WalletHub



The share of remote employees using personal laptops and computers for work, with 61% reporting they hadn’t received proper security tools. Source: IBM Security Work From Home Study, June 2020




The reduction in daily CO2 emissions between late March and early June, the largest annual percentage decline for the U.S.
in recorded history. Source: MIT Sloan School of Management study by Prof. Christopher Knittel and Prof. Jing Li


New Hampshire’s ranking nationwide for the most digital entrepreneurs per capita who sell in Amazon stores. Source: Amazon


Did You Know?
Hudson is the easiest place to sell a home statewide with homes there lasting about 54.2 days on the market. Rounding out the top five are Nashua, Suncook, Manchester and Londonderry. Source: SmartAsset

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