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Number Crunch

Published Wednesday Sep 6, 2023

Author Matthew J. Mowry


New Hampshire’s rank among the best states for hiking. The Granite State offers 482 hiking trails and the third-highest number of waterfalls relative to its size with 40 per 1,000 square miles. 

Source: Why This Place 



Business leaders who say their company currently has a 4-day work week with another 41% who say their company plans to implement the policy. Of those, half plan to implement by end of year.

Source:’s survey of 976 business leaders



The share of new and upcoming graduates would prefer in-person or hybrid work over remote. Oh, and 1 in 4 graduating from a 4-year college won’t accept a starting salary under $70K.







The Granite State’s ranking among the states with the highest first-year business failures, with 25.2% of startups failing. That figure more than doubles to 52.4% at the five-year mark. 




Did You Know?

Rockingham County is the wealthiest county in NH with median income of $101,683, investment income of $50,582 and median home value of $533,033.




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