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Number Crunch

Published Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Author Matthew J. Mowry


$530 Million

The state and local government and agency deposits, as of June 30, 2023, managed through NH Public Deposit Investment Pool (PDIP) that are invested around the world.
If PDIP funds were kept in NH in 2023, it would have increased the state’s GDP by nearly $200 million.

Source: NH Bankers Association new economic study





The Granite State ranks among the top 10 states where it’s cheapest to open a restaurantanalyzing the various costs that an entrepreneur would need to spend in one year to run a restaurant, from the rent of a commercial space to licenses.

Source: CommercialSearch



$11 Million

The Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Grant that Grafton County received through the National Telecommunications and Information Agency to strengthen the 222-mile-long internet network backbone extending throughout the region. The funding will help deliver high-speed internet service to 24 municipalities.

Source: National Telecommunications and Information Agency




The millions of visitors who came to NH during summer 2023, up 3.3% from FY2022.

Spending by those visitors totaled $2.3 billion.

Source: NH Division of Travel and
Tourism Development






New Hampshire is the most expensive state for assisted living facilities in 2024 with an average monthly cost of $8,248, up from $5,644 in 2021. The national average monthly cost is $4,401.

Source: Seniorly study


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