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NH's Gender Pay Gap

Published Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

NH's Gender Pay Gap

New Hampshire ranks #45 nationwide in gender pay equality. In other words, the Granite State has among the worst pay gaps, per a recent study that says NH women make 74 cents for every $1 a man earns. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, analyzed gender pay nationwide to discover how each state is doing, how education affects wage disparity, and how America’s gender pay gap has changed since 2010.

Stats and interesting findings:

  • The United States as a whole has narrowed the pay gap by 2.6 percentage points over the last decade.
  • Nearly every state has narrowed its gender pay gap since 2010. The only areas where pay disparity has gotten worse are South Dakota, DC, New Hampshire, Alabama, North Dakota, New Jersey, and Iowa.
  • California has the lowest pay gap in the country. Women in the Golden State make roughly $0.88 for every dollar earned by men. The state has also narrowed its pay gap by 4.6 percentage points since 2010.
  • Arkansas is the most improved. The state has narrowed its pay gap by an incredible 10.5 percentage points—the biggest improvement in the nation.
  • Once women get a bachelor’s degree, the gender pay gap actually widens—and it gets worse with a professional degree.

For more interesting findings, methodology, and additional stats on how education affects the pay disparity, check out the full report.

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