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NH Lottery Sets All-time Sales Record

Published Tuesday Aug 7, 2018

NH Lottery Sets All-time Sales Record

The NH Lottery set an all-time sales record during Fiscal Year 2018, with total sales exceeding $331.8 million, marking an increase of more than $33.9 million or 11.4 percent from Fiscal Year 2017, according to preliminary sales figures. The Lottery also generated a nearly 20-percent increase in net profits to a record $86.5 million, which supports educatio. Since its inception in 1964, the NH Lottery has delivered more than $1.9 billion in revenue to support education in NH.

In driving record overall sales this past fiscal year, the Lottery generated $238.3 million in scratch ticket sales, a nearly $15.4 million or 6.9-percent increase from last year. Bolstered by major jackpots over the past year, Mega Millions sales jumped by nearly 60-percent, from $10.7 million in Fiscal Year 2017 to nearly $17 million in Fiscal Year 2018. In addition, Powerball sales increased by nearly 13 percent from $32.4 million to $36.6 million this past Fiscal Year.

“We are pleased with sales over the past year and we are particularly pleased to be able to deliver more than $86.5 million in critical revenue to support public education in New Hampshire—at a time when funding for public education is needed now more than ever,” says Charlie McIntyre, executive director of the NH Lottery. “Our success is driven by a variety of factors, including our expanding array of fun and exciting games at all price points, strategic marketing and advertising initiatives, a dedicated staff and a commitment to innovation and creativity that few lotteries in the nation can claim. We constantly strive to offer new and exhilarating opportunities for our players to experience the fun and excitement of playing the lottery.”

Further driving the sales increase, the Lottery’s newest game, KENO 603, which launched in December 2017, generated nearly $8.3 million in sales. With more than 130 establishments in 65 cities and towns offering KENO 603, sales are averaging $400,000 per week. As more communities adopt KENO 603, more eligible establishments will sign up to offer the game, supporting continued sales growth.

Thanks to its variety of unique and fun games, and a dedicated effort to reach players at all price points, scratch ticket sales have risen steadily in recent years. Since Fiscal Year 2010, instant ticket sales have climbed by $77.7 million, a nearly 50-percent increase during that time period.

The top-10 performing scratch tickets, by number of tickets sold, from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 were:

  1. Money Puzzle Plus – 2,027,082 tickets sold
  2. $500,000 Fortune – 1,736,269 tickets sold
  3. Granite State Gold – 1,563,882 tickets sold
  4. 5X Patriots – 1,245,265 tickets sold
  5. 5X the Cash – 1,204,962 tickets sold
  6. Frogger – 1,196,295 tickets sold
  7. Black & Gold – 1,177,057 tickets sold
  8. Hot $ – 1,166,451 tickets sold
  9. Fast 5’s – 1,135,304 tickets sold
  10. Holiday Classic - 1,103,403 tickets sold


The top-10 performing scratch tickets, by sales dollars, from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 were:

  1. Granite State Gold - $39,097,050
  2. $500,000 Fortune - $17,362,690
  3. Mega Cash - $9,338,060
  4. 50X the Money - $7,136,020
  5. 5X Patriots - $6,226,325
  6. Win Big - $6,133,680
  7. Money Puzzle Plus - $6,081,246
  8. Cash Craze Double Doubler - $5,889,750
  9. Black & Gold - $5,885,285
  10. Double Diamond Spectacular - $5,882,600


About New Hampshire Lottery
For the past 54 years, the New Hampshire Lottery has recorded more than $6.6 billion in lottery sales and other earnings, with over $4.4 billion paid in prizes and other cost of sales. 

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