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Merchants Fleet Connecting with ChargePoint

Published Thursday Apr 8, 2021

Merchants Fleet Connecting with ChargePoint

Merchants Fleet in Hooksett will offer services to its clients with ChargePoint, an electric vehicle (EV) charging network. As automakers and large fleet operators accelerate their investments in electrification, the number of available light and medium duty electric vehicles is expected to increase, ensuring that fleets will have access to the types of vehicles they need to electrify. As the electrification movement surges forward, charging infrastructure has emerged as a critical link to electric vehicle roll outs. 

“Merchants is laying the groundwork and building an extensive collaboration network to enable and accelerate fleet electrification. Our collaboration with companies like ChargePoint is part of our broad strategy of creating a vehicle and charging ecosystem for our clients; thereby enabling seamless adoption & integration of electric vehicles into fleet operations," said Hari Nayar, director of electrification and sustainability at Merchants Fleet.

“As more fleets realize the benefits of electrifying—cost reductions and operational efficiencies—it becomes increasingly crucial that organizations are equipped with a robust set of networked charging solutions that meet individual fueling needs,” said Richard Mohr, vice president, Fleet Solutions, ChargePoint.

“To help reduce energy costs and optimize fleet operations at every turn, fleets with business-critical vehicles require smart assets and power management provided through a combination of hardware solutions backed by consistent software service support. With consumer behavior shifting and the need for last-mile deliveries increasing, ChargePoint is pleased to explore opportunities to collaborate with Merchants with the goal of executing an agreement to provide a network of reliable solutions and support every step of the way for businesses choosing to electrify.”




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