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Mainstay CEO Pays it Forward

Published Friday Sep 20, 2019

Mainstay CEO Pays it Forward

Mainstay Technologies is passing on the company’s recent business tax savings to its team and the causes they believe in. CEO Ryan Barton started the company in 2004 with $500, a laptop, a folding table, and borrowed office space. Along the way, he says he discovered conscious capitalism and applied it to every aspect of building his business.

Mainstay, which has offices in Manchester and Belmont, has a total of 60 employees. When Mainstay benefitted from the reduced business taxes resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Barton said he wanted to pass the savings on to his team and the charitable and environmental causes they believe in.

“We are incredibly grateful for the freedoms and systems in America that give us the ability to flourish as a business,” said Barton. “Our goal is to be an organization that strengthens our community, cares for our neighbors, gives generously to team members, and does the right thing by all. Receiving an unexpected tax cut meant we had more resources to put towards that mission.”

In 2011, when Mainstay was experiencing a growth spurt, Burton decided to apply for an SBA Express Line of Credit from TD Bank, which offered reassurance and peace of mind so that the company could take on additional employees and customers without worrying about the upfront costs of growth.

“It is fantastic to see the successes Mainstay has achieved while at the same time passing on those rewards to their employees and the community they serve,” said Greta Johansson, NH District Director of the US Small Business Administration. “Although the SBA guaranty loan played a small part in the growth of his business, it is nice to see our lending partners supporting forward thinking entrepreneurs like Ryan Barton.”





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