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Fuller's Sugarhouse profiled in Google Report

Published Tuesday Jun 4, 2019

Fuller's Sugarhouse profiled in Google Report

According to a report by Google, 4,900 businesses, publishers, and nonprofits in NH used Google search and advertising tools to connect with the people and communities they serve -- generating $671 million in economic activity.

This is the tenth year Google has released its Economic Impact Report. By using Google products businesses increased their online presence and were able to grow, bringing more money and jobs into the local economy, according to the report.

Google’s NH Economic Impact Report detailed how Fuller’s Sugarhouse in Lancaster used digital tools to increase their online presence and reach customers. Because they are located in a rural area, Fuller's Sugarhouse uses Google Ads to connect with syrup lovers around the country. It also uses Google My Business to display its hours and location across Google Maps and Google Search, allowing people to find it more easily.

“We’re located in an extremely rural area, which means we have a lot of maple trees, but we don’t necessarily have a lot of folks around to buy our product,” says owner Dave Fuller. “We realized we needed to be online to expand our customer base.”

A recent national study by Deloitte found that digital small businesses:

  • are nearly three times as likely to have created new jobs in the last year
  • are seeing four times higher revenue growth
  • are almost three times as likely to reach more customers via increased calls, leads and sales inquiries
  • are three times as likely to have exported a product or service

“For small businesses across the U.S., the web is the most powerful tool to attract new customers and retain existing ones,” says Mary Ellen Coe, president of Google Customer Solutions. “Last year, our search and advertising tools helped generate billions of dollars in economic activity for millions of businesses - helping to create a lasting impact on local communities. And we look forward to working with New Hampshire businesses, nonprofits and publishers to help their businesses grow.”

According to the report approximately $1.8 million of free advertising was provided to NH nonprofits. 



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