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Flatley Challenge Tech Startup Winners Announced

Published Tuesday Feb 12, 2019

Flatley Challenge Tech Startup Winners Announced

The John Flatley Company in Nashua announced the winners of their 2018 Flatley Challenge.

Both companies will be awarded a $10,000 prize as well as up to 5,000 square feet of office and/or lab space at the Nashua Technology Park at Gateway Hills in Nashua.

Taking first place in the MedTech category is TendoNova, which developed a suite of specialized tools to improve improve clinical outcomes, decrease the cost of care, and improve patient and physician experience. with regard to tendon injuries. TendoNova seeks to reduce the expense of hospital-based procedures and to enable minimally invasive orthopedic procedures that can be performed with ultrasound guidance in the doctors office.

“TendoNova is honored to win the 2018 Flatley Challenge award. With this, and other recently-received recognition, we are pleased that our work has been endorsed within the New England health-care technology community. From the start of our company and its technology in Atlanta, we are excited to expand our footprint to include New Hampshire–and Nashua is an excellent place to locate," said Roy Wallen, CEO of TendoNova.

Taking first place in the HiTech category is XoGo, a device that allows users to connect to devices for people with disabilities, the aging, or anyone needing assistive technology with ultimate functionality at a realistic price. To ensure that this platform can continue working with evolving technology, Xogo has a team of developers creating and sharing new code and opening up access to new devices. This allows people to use whatever devices they wish, and the product itself inspires community, collaboration, and creativity.

"It is an honor to be recognized as this year’s HiTech winner for the 2018 Flatley Challenge. We are incredibly appreciative of the John Flatley Company for awarding us this exciting opportunity and are looking forward to working to help bring universally accessible technology to the people of New Hampshire and beyond," said Ray Abel, CEO of XoGo.

In addition, the John Flatley Company is helping two runners-up each with one year free membership in the Flatley Innovation Center

The first runner-up in the MedTech category is BioIntelligence Technologies Inc. The company produces instruments and software to monitor, understand, predict and optimize bioprocess performances.

The first runner-up in the HiTech category is Blocksyte. This company creates enterprise products to manage food supply chains.

The 7th Annual Flatley Challenge Awards Ceremony will be held at the Nashua Technology Park in the NTP Conference Center on Wednesday, February 20 at 2 pm. Mayor Jim Donchess will speak at the event.

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