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Dartmouth Health Welcomes Latest MRI Technology

Published Wednesday May 4, 2022

Dartmouth Health Welcomes Latest MRI Technology

Dartmouth Health’s Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics are now the home of one of the latest innovations in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. The Innovision system, developed by Siemens Healthineers, at the Manchester Clinic is the first such unit to be installed in the United States. The clinic offers patients the option of viewing an entertainment screen while their MRI is being performed, making the experience more tolerable and especially improved for child patients.

MRI exams using traditional machines are performed in a relatively confined space, are noisy, and can be lengthy and boring. When having an MRI with Innovision, the patient is engaged by a sound and video experience as soon as they lie on the table and while inside the unit. The patient display keeps patients informed about their remaining scan time and displays predefined or custom content. The patient display makes the unit appear larger, which is helpful for patients who may feel claustrophobic.

The Innovision, which was paid for with unrestricted philanthropic funds through the Dartmouth Health Children’s Child Life Program, also includes comfort pillows made of memory foam that reduce scan noise and deliver clear audio signals to the patient. With Innovision, the patient can hear their favorite music clearly, and can also hear voice commands from the MRI technologist, thanks to the integrated audio system and specialized earplugs.

“Our state-of-the-art MRI unit equipped with the Innovision system utilizes the very latest technology to produce exceptional, highly detailed images for patient’s diagnostic needs,” said Kristyn M. O’Neil, BS, CNMT, NCT, director of Radiology for Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics. “We are so excited to be one of the first health systems in the country to offer Innovision to our patients, giving them the option to play videos, music or peaceful moving scenery to make the time go by quicker, as well as watch a countdown of minutes remaining until their exam is completed. This technology will be tremendous for our pediatric patients who need to remain still during the exam.”

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