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Concord Family YMCA Joins Granite YMCA

Published Thursday Jun 10, 2021

Concord Family YMCA Joins Granite YMCA

The Concord Family YMCA into the Granite YMCA are joining forces and, as part of that merger, Alex Turek will become executive director of the organization newly-named YMCA of Concord.

“Alex is a proven YMCA leader with passion for our mission, a keen understanding of the operational requirements for running a branch of our association and a genuine desire to meet the needs of members,” said David Ports, the current president and CEO of The Granite YMCA.

Turek has been a YMCA leader since 1995. He brings extensive branch operations, broad programming and staff leadership experience gained from both the independent and association level of YMCA’s within New England. 

"As Jim Doremus retires after decades of service to this community, I feel honored to fill his shoes,” said Turek. “I have the opportunity to build on the legacy of the people who made this organization what it is today, and I intend to continue to strengthen existing relationships with the City of Concord, our members and the broader community that the YMCA of Concord serves." 

Turek served as executive director with the Merrimack Valley YMCA and CEO of the Southern District YMCA.

“I am excited to become the leader of one of the oldest Y’s in the country and to continue the immense community engagement and impact that the Concord Family YMCA has become known and respected for throughout the region,” added Turek.

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