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BNH Book Review: The Weekend Effect

Published Friday Mar 6, 2020

Author Terri Schlichenmeyer of The Bookworm Sez, LLC

"The Weekend Effect" by Katrina Onstad
2017, HarperOne, 304 pages
$25.99/$31.99 Canada
Zzzzzzzzzip. That was the sound of your last weekend as it passed by, but it probably doesn’t matter anyhow: it was packed with work, obligations, kid’s sports and more work. When was the last time you had two full days without plans? If you’re constantly stuck with a “not a weekend at all" weekend, pick up “The Weekend Effect” by Katrina Onstad.

Things have changed significantly since Henry Ford introduced a five-day workweek in 1926. In the digital age, employees can carry work with them everywhere. Considering that 15th-century serfs enjoyed a holiday-filled church calendar, says Onstad, you may work more now than a medieval peasant.

Employers have noticed this is bad for mind and body, hence four-day workweeks and half-day Fridays. And yet, if someone asked you what you’d do with free weekends, you might struggle with a list. What would you do with two unencumbered days?  Imagine the possibilities, and then read “The Weekend Effect.”

While it might seem that few people need convincing when it comes to taking time off, author Katrina Onstad shows why some people feel trapped into working more and offers tips on how to actually log off and enjoy your weekends.

This book is eye opening, but it may also tell you something you already know: you work too hard. If you need further convincing as to why you need shut off your phone and find a hammock, “The Weekend Effect” has that all zipped up.

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