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BIA Says 184,000 NH Jobs Affected by Tariffs

Published Thursday Jul 12, 2018

BIA Says 184,000 NH Jobs Affected by Tariffs

Citing a US Chamber of Commerce study showing $29.2 million in total New Hampshire exports threatened by tariffs, the Business and Industry Association urges the Trump Administration to reconsider tariffs on foreign goods and services, according to a statement. BIA, NH’s statewide chamber of commerce and business advocate, warns that retaliatory measures by our international trading partners will result in increased prices, lost sales and jobs here at home.

“If our trading partners respond in kind with a full set of tariffs of their own, New Hampshire’s manufacturing, technology, and construction sectors will incur significant harm. There are 184,000 workers in the Granite State whose jobs are supported by exports,” says BIA President Jim Roche. “Slapping on tariffs is simply the wrong approach for the U.S.”

Of the nearly $30 million in exports from NH, Canada, Mexico, China, and the European Union are the largest destinations. Products most in demand include building material (e.g. aluminum, iron, or steel), industrial adhesives, clothing; fans, lamps, chocolate/confections, and seafood.

Last week BIA signed on to a letter with 245 other business organizations in support of a US Senate proposal requiring Congressional approval over tariffs. The measure was introduced by Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and has a group of bipartisan sponsors including U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH and U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-NH.

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