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Best Company to Work For: NEMO Equipment

Published Wednesday Jan 11, 2023

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Outdoor gear manufacturer.

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:
I know what my organization is trying to achieve strategically: 100% agree

The mission and purpose of my organization makes me feel that my job is important: 100% agree

Founder and CEO: Cam Brensinger
Years in Business: 20
Full-time Employees: 50 (47 in NH)
Years on List: 2
Address: 383 Central Ave., Suite 275, Dover

NEMO Equipment has faced challenges as new hires weren’t able to find a place to live in NH. In response, the company launched a home share program where employees receive a stipend for hosting new employees from out-of-state as they continue their housing search.  

Among their other creative bene-fits, NEMO pays for long-time employees to go on special trips on milestone anniversaries. At 10 years of service, employees can take a trip that is at least 10 days of travel with up to $10,000 of reimbursed expenses. At 15 years, those numbers increase to 15 days and $15,000, at 20 years, 20 days and $20,000.

In return, NEMO requires employees use NEMO gear, explore a place they’ve never been before and submit a brief story of their adventure with a few photos for posting on social media.

Through its Go Far program, the company reimburses employees $100 per night for domestic trips and $150 per night for trips abroad once a year for expenses associated with spending between three and five consecutive nights outdoors in NEMO products.

NEMO’s Go Play program provides an annual stipend up to $150 annually to support registration fees or materials to take part in a race, class or training of the employee’s choosing. And the Go Help program provides employees with up to 16 hours of paid time off for conservation and community service initiatives.

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