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Best Companies to Work For Hall of Fame: MegaFood

Published Friday Oct 20, 2023

Best Companies to Work For Hall of Fame: MegaFood

CEO: Andy Dahlen 

Years in Business: 49

Full-time Employees: 210 (170 in NH)

Part-time/Temporary or seasonal employees: (Under 10 in NH) 

Years on List: 4 (plus 2 years in Hall of Fame)

MegaFood exists “to grow a healthier world.” That includes creating a culture that enables employees to thrive.  A certified B Corp, MegaFood strives to have its culture reflect its values, which provide the guidelines for most everything the company does.

That commitment to their employees became even more evident when the pandemic threatened the well-being of employees. Kicking into high gear, MegaFood provided virtual ways to engage employees, including trivia, cake decorating, cooking classes, a comedy show, a painting class and monthly wellness lunch-and-learns.

The CEO regularly communicates with the team via quarterly town hall meetings, small group meetings, regular emails and video communications. MegaFood also started offering mental health seminars, new hire Zoom welcomes, weekly coffee connections, increased education through its Employee Assistance Program, free behavioral telehealth and virtual yoga classes.

Among the benefits MegaFood offers employees are: milestone anniversary gifts, 24 hours paid volunteer time, and summer hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day to get a head start on weekends. In 2022, MegaFood introduced new family support and planning programs that included fertility leave and financial assistance for both fertility and adoption.  They also provide 16 weeks of paid time-off for birth mothers and 10 weeks for all other parents. 

MegaFood’s Emerging Leaders program allows promising employees to participate in a two-day workshop, followed by mentorship from a leader outside of their department and help with building a personal leadership development plan. 

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