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Bellwether Credit Union: A Best Company

Published Friday Jan 8, 2021

Author Matthew J. Mowry

The winners of the Best Companies to Work For competition are a testament that no matter what is going on in the economy or the world, a strong culture is foundational to surviving tough times. Taking care of your employees in good times means they will have your back when a crisis occurs.

#17 Bellwether Community Credit Union

Financial products and services

President and CEO: Nathan Saller
Years in Business: 99
Full-Time Employees: 85
Part-time/Temporary or Seasonal Employees: 5 (Benefits offered)
Years on List: 7 (Plus 2 years in Hall of Fame)
Address: 425 Hooksett Road, Manchester, NH 03104

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:
My manager respects my work-life balance: 93% agree
I know what my organization is trying to achieve strategically: 95% agree

A dime doesn’t go far these days, except, maybe, at Bellwether Community Credit Union. There it can be transformative.

Through the DIME (Did I Make it Easy) program, employees submit examples of how they went above and beyond typical procedures to make a current work practice easier for members of the credit union. The new methods are reviewed and often deployed companywide.

An employee-run Wellness Committee organizes health challenges, including Hiketober. The credit union randomly draws names of participants who hike throughout the month who win a $50 gift certificate.

During COVID-19, the committee reached out to employees, sending hand-written appreciation notes to at-home staff and those essential workers going into work every day. And the COO held a socially distanced miniature golfing competition.

When employees are hired, they receive a welcome packet with a hand-written note from human resources, and during orientation they meet with the entire leadership team to learn about the credit union’s vision, mission, goals and aspirations. (This is now done virtually.)

Like many companies, Bellwether offers eight hours of paid time off annually to volunteer. If employees volunteer during a weekday, they are paid. If they volunteer during evening or weekend hours, they receive up to eight hours in their vacation banks. Among other perks are a companywide bonus plan and flexible schedules.

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