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40 Influential Leaders - Doug Foley

Published Monday Feb 12, 2024

Author Sheryl Rich-Kern

40 Influential Leaders - Doug Foley

Doug Foley
President of NH Operations for Eversource

In 2021, after 10 years as vice president of Eversource field operations in Massachusetts, Doug Foley took over as president of NH operations. Foley says recent extreme weather events have presented a challenge for the state’s largest electric utility. However, he says upgrades are making a difference. Investments in larger poles, different wire constructions and smart switch technology ensure that when the wind blows or ice storms descend upon the region, the lights stay on. “We’ve seen some positive results in the statistics that we use to measure that [reliability] within the industry.”

One of the bigger improvements is the smart switches, which allows Eversource to monitor the flow of electricity in real time to quickly detect outages. Most often the faults are the result of a tree limb taking down a wire or a struck pole. Notifications come in directly to the dispatch center where Eversource can re-route energy to customers.

Beyond managing the efficiency of the power grid, Foley is active in several civic and industry organizations. He sits on the board of directors for the Business & Industry Association, the Granite United Way, the Boy Scouts of America and Special Olympics NH.

Foley also steers an internal program that works with young professionals to help them develop leadership skills. Additionally, Eversource employees dedicate at least two days a calendar year for community projects. That translates to thousands of volunteer hours, he says. 

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