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#2 Best Company: Northeast Delta Dental

Published Tuesday Oct 9, 2018

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Perks are great, but it’s culture that keeps employees. No one knows that better than the organizations on the 2018 list of the Best Companies to Work For in NH. While they offer some amazing benefits and policies, those are just the tools they use to drive the cultures that ultimately engage employees. Here is a profile of one of this year's winning companies:

A nonprofit that designs, sells, and administers group and individual dental plans for 858,000 people in Maine, NH and Vermont.

President and CEO: Tom Raffio
Years in Business: 57
Full-time Employees: 178 (165 in NH)
Part-time/Temporary/Seasonal Employees: 18 (benefits offered to part-time employees)
Years on List: 8 (plus 2 in Hall of Fame)
Address: One Delta Drive, Concord, NH 03302

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:
• My firm provides opportunities to socialize and celebrate special events: 97% agree
• My manager respects my work life balance: 95% agree

When new employees walk through the doors of Northeast Delta Dental on Day One,  they see their name on the marquee welcoming them.

They are later greeted by their manager who takes them on a tour through the buildings and introduces them to colleagues. Human Resources gives them a goodie bag. The newbie's department hosts a catered luncheon and then the new employees attends a two-day onboarding program. They also meet with the president and CEO for a “Coffee with the Coach” session where he shares his vision about the company.

Throughout their careers at Northeast Delta Dental, employees’ opinions are sought and acted on. Through the Bright Ideas program, employees are encouraged to share ideas to improve the company. Employees who submit ideas are eligible for a bimonthly random drawing of a $25 cash prize. Each month, Delta Dental awards a “Best Idea” with a $50 cash bonus. Since the program’s inception, more than 2,100 ideas have been submitted and more than 40 percent have been implemented.

Northeast Delta Dental is dedicated to "creating an atmosphere of gratitude and employee recognition on a daily basis," the company states in its Best Companies Application. ” Human Resources supplies managers with thank you cards and gift cards ranging from $10 to $50 to give to employees.

Among its impressive benefits is paying 100 percent of health and dental insurance premiums for employees.

Employees also receive between 16 to 28 days in their paid time off package, and Delta Dental offers 225 hours of paid parental leave within 26 weeks of the child’s birth or adoption for moms and dads.

Delta Dental continues to support employees in the twilight of their careers. Its annual retirement plan contribution includes a 3 percent safe harbor contribution as well as a profit sharing contribution. Last year, employees received a total of 6.6 percent of their 2017 earnings as the company contribution.

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