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#1 Company to Watch: Precision Talent Group

Published Wednesday Jan 18, 2023

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Portrait of Cristina Muise

Cristina Muise

Three-Year Avg. Annual Growth: 3,849%
Headquarters: 7 Wall St., Windham
Product/Service: Staffing firm for the life sciences, health care, technology sectors
Owner and CEO: Cristina Muise
Founded: 2019
Total Number of Employees: 41

Cristina Muise is a seasoned staffing executive, having been an executive at Medicus Healthcare Solutions in Windham for more than a decade. She served as president there for three years until she sold her interest in the company in 2019.

When Muise was ready to return to staffing, she launched Precision Talent Group to serve the life sciences sector in Boston, which has among the highest concentrations of life sciences companies nationwide. “It seemed an incredible opportunity,” she says.

Then, within weeks of launching, the pandemic hit. “We had zero revenue and zero clients [at that point],” she says.

“Everybody was remote. Everyone’s budget tentatively on hold.”

“It was an interesting first year. We kept our heads down and executed on our plan,” Muise says, adding they used the shutdown to map out a sales strategy, which included courting companies conducting disease research as those firms continued despite the pandemic.

As workers slowly flowed back to businesses, many companies now had positions to fill. “Our clients needed people willing to be back at the office,” Muise says. “It offered us an opportunity to be consultative and ask clients, ‘what do you want from your team?’”

By September 2020, business picked up and growth was stratospheric. “When the industry was ready for help, we were in the right place at the right time,” Muise says.

Precision Talent also diversified its client base in 2021 to include placing nurses and, in 2022, it opened a division for placing tech professionals.

Muise says the firm is on track to double revenue in 2022 and she projects doubling again in 2023. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we continue double-digit growth through the next five to 10 years,” she adds.

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