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Shop United Launched in Nashua

Published Tuesday Apr 7, 2020

Shop United Launched in Nashua

United Way of Greater Nashua has launched an online, volunteer-driven grocery shopping platform to address the food needs of individuals and families in the Greater Nashua community during the Coronavirus pandemic. People who are quarantined, don’t have access to their usual modes of transportation, or cannot get the support of those caregivers who usually assist them with groceries can now access “SHOP UNITED.”

The system allows a person to prepay for groceries, enter a shopping list, and have their groceries be shopped for and delivered by a United Way volunteer. The system is available anywhere in the 11 communities of Greater Nashua, including Nashua, Hudson, Milford, Merrimack, and the other adjacent towns in the region.

There is no cost for utilizing the service and it works both for customers who can pay via credit card as well as for those who are utilizing public benefits like SNAP. According to United Way President Mike Apfelberg, “SHOP UNITED” is our response to maintaining the critical pipeline of food flowing into people’s homes during this time of shutdown.

It is critical that people have access to food, and it is equally important that if they are quarantined that they stay socially distanced and safe. We realize that the system won’t be perfect, but it will be a heck of a lot better than no system at all.” To learn more about SHOP UNITED and to access the system, go to


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