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UNH Offers Dollars for 4-H Scholars

Published Tuesday Nov 13, 2018

UNH Offers Dollars for 4-H Scholars

Every year of active participation in New Hampshire 4-H will soon translate to scholarship dollars for Granite Staters admitted to the University of New Hampshire beginning the fall of 2019. First-year students will receive $500 for each year of participation in 4-H, up to 10 years of participation or $5,000. The scholarship is available every year a student is enrolled at the Durham or Manchester campus.

“This is an ideal match between our state’s flagship public university and 4-H, which has been UNH’s largest and oldest youth development program for more than 100 years,” says UNH President James W. Dean, Jr. “4-H is built on the premise that youth are our future. And it is our job to ensure that they grow into true leaders, not only in their clubs, but also in our communities, our university and our world.”

4-H is the youth educational program of Cooperative Extension, designed to help youth acquire knowledge, develop life skills and form attitudes to enable them to become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. According to Ken La Valley, dean and director of UNH Cooperative Extension, statistics show that students involved in 4-H have better high school outcomes and go on to be successful in college.

“This is another great opportunity for UNH to keep New Hampshire’s best and brightest students in the state,” says La Valley. “This scholarship program is an amazing show of support for 4-H and we hope it will encourage students to join or stay in 4-H.”

Over 20,000 participants are reached annually by Extension youth and family programs.

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